Squamish Welcome to 360 Riot Walk

Below is the transcript for a welcome in Sḵwx̱wú7mesh sníchim, the Squamish language, by Salia Joseph. It is present in the first stop of each of the four languages of the tour.

Ta newyap en eḵwítl en síiyay̓. St’ax̱í7alut kwi en kwshámin, Salia Joseph kwi en sna. Tina7 chen tla Sta’a7mes úxwumixw na7 tkwa Skwx̱wú7mesh. Ens Skwx̱wú7mesh, Snuneymexw, British iy Jewish amen. Floyd Joseph nílh ten man iy Eve Joseph nílh lhen chesa7. Larry Joseph-t siyam iy Rose Thomas-t nílhten selse7tl. Duna Levy iy Bert Levy nílh ten selse7tl. Ha7lh n sḵwálwen kwins wa lhílhx̱i7lsh ítti ti stsi7s Chayap wa lhílhx̱i7lsh na7 tkwa Lek’lék’i úxwumixw. Tay̓temíxw swa7 tl’a Xwemétskwiyamulh, SelRílRwitulh iy Skwx̱wú7meshulh. Na tiná7 tl’a tkwa Lek’lék’i n swá7am-cht ímen. An chet wenaxws ti temíxw, ti stakw, ti smanít iy i7x̱w ta S7ukw’ukw’ín̓exw. Wenáxwstumiyap ti temíxw ímen. Wa Chayap yuu. Tim̓á tkwétsi n sníchim.

[Below is a gentle translation, as some Squamish phrases and concepts have no English equivalent]

Hello my friends. My ancestral name is St’ax̱í7alut. My English name is Salia Joseph. I come from the ancestral village of Sta’7mes up in the Squamish valley and I live here in Vancouver. My father is Chief Floyd Joseph and my mom is Eve Joseph. I’m Skwx̱wú7mesh, Snuneymexw, British and Jewish. My grandparents were chief Larry Joseph from Squamish and Rose Thomas from Nanaimo and Bert and Duna Levy. I am happy to be here today. You are standing in the village of Lek’lék’i. This land is Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish. Our ancestors are here in this village as well. We deeply respect these land, these waters, the mountains, and all the animals. We ask you to respect this land too. Walk gently. Wa Chayap yuu.

Written by Salia Joseph Skwx̱wú7meshulh
Edited by Charlene George Skwxw̱ ú7meshulh, Selí@ lw@ itulh