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  • February 23, 2023

WHITE RIOT: The 1907 Anti-Asian Riots in Vancouver

The highly anticipated WHITE RIOT by Henry Tsang releases on April 4, 2023 (USA: May 9, 2023)!

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WHITE RIOT reveals the social and political environment of the time of the 1907 anti-Asian riots, when racialized communities were targeted through legislated as well as physical acts of exclusion and violence. Based on 360 Riot Walk, a 360-degree-video walking tour by artist and author Henry Tsang, WHITE RIOT offers an intersectional approach to this pivotal moment in the history of racialized communities and a cultural and social context for understanding for the current wave of anti-Asian prejudice. It features photographs of the riots, colourized by Tsang, as well as of contemporary Vancouver, where the 1907 riots took place. Essays by Tsang and others speak to the colonial times that preceded and followed the riots, as well as issues that Chinese and Japanese and other racialized communities in North America are facing today. WHITE RIOT poses the question: in the current ethos of anti-racism and decolonization, what does it take to reconcile our collective histories within the legacy of white supremacy?

Includes essays by the Asian Canadian Labour Alliance, Paul Englesberg, Melody Ma, Angela May and Nicole Yakashiro, Jeffery R. Masuda, Aaron Franks, Audrey Kobayashi and Trevor Wideman, and Andy Yan, with a foreword by Patricia E. Roy.